Anton Kutter & ATM days

15-06-2018 07:00 tot17-06-2018 18:00(Europe/Brussels)

Tour Filmmuseum and movies Anton Kutter

  • 15-06-2018 17:00
  • Museum Traumpalast

A tour around Anton Kutter's movie theater Traumpalast, guided by his son, Adrian Kutter.Anton will also give a lecture about his family and the film industry, and about his father as a director, together with his brother Claus and sister Floriane.Afterwards, 2 of Anton's greatest movies will by shown:Weltraumschiff 1 startedGroßkraft De Berge...

Reception & exhibition

  • 16-06-2018 07:00
  • Stadthalle Bibberach

My Father as a director, and especially as an astronomer

  • 16-06-2018 08:00
  • Stadthalle Bibberach

The restoration of Kutter's telescopes

  • 16-06-2018 08:30
  • Stadthalle Bibberach

Optical Design Kutter Telescope

  • 16-06-2018 09:15
  • Stadthalle Bibberach

Lunch & Exhibition

  • 16-06-2018 10:00
  • Stadthalle Bibberach

Symposium : The story of Laupheim Planetarium

  • 16-06-2018 11:30
  • Stadthalle Bibberach

Observatory & Planetarium Laupheim

  • 16-06-2018 17:00
  • Planetarium Laupheim

We plan to an excursion the the Planetarium of Laupheim, 8km from Biberach. If the skies are clear, we have the opportunity to observe through the 30cm Kutter Telescope of Mathias Saufer.If you wish, you can sign on for the bus (+10€) when registering - please select to correct ticket type. Alternatively, you can use your own transportation.

ESO Visitor Center

  • 17-06-2018 07:00
  • Garching

We plan a visit to the brand new ESO visiting center in the nearby town of Garching. You can sign in for the touring car upon registration (choose the correct ticket type), or you can plan your own route by car....