Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 18 june 2018



The AmateurTelescopeMaking group '' of the Public Observatory Armand Pien (Belgium) with Jean-Pierre Grootaerd and Philip Doutreligne organize:


International Kutter- and ATM-days 2018


A visit at the family Kutter s we did Nov. 2016 is one thing, but that’s hardly a fitting tribute. So we decided tot organise  international Kutter- and ATM-days in the mond of june of 2018. Kutter will be the guest of honour, and we plan to pull all the stops: lectures, films, cinema, an exhibition of his telescopes (including the fully restored 30cm Kutter), visits to his grave, Kutter-themed city visits (where we’ll be able to see the house in which he was born and first observed the stars), visits to Laupheim Planetarium (his planetarium) and the opportunity to visit the ESO visitor’s centre in Garching. After Easter 2017 the large 30cm Kutter-telescope needs to be overhauled...a lot of work ahead of us, but we’ll be ready for 2018.

On Saturday, there will be a bunch of interesting lectures as well as an Anton Kutter’s exhibition with telescopes, accessories and books. Additionally we are inviting all amateurs to exhibit their own self-made obstruction-free telescopes.

There will be hotel and catering facilities. Be assured it will be an event worth remembering and will have a follow-up. 

An impression of the first visit at the children of Anton Kutter

Family Kutter and the Film Industry  

 Anton Kutter as an astronomer